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Help Send a Child to Summer Camp!

Your gift will help send a child to a free, six-week long summer-camp!

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Across the country, educators are sounding the alarm: Over half of low-income students are struggling with mental health issues. The stress that poverty has on children is overwhelming, and takes a huge toll on a child’s mental health and well-being.

Your gift will give a local child an opportunity to attend a six-week summer camp that provides a structured, safe and supportive environment for a school aged child to explore, create, make friends, learn valuable life skills, as well as support all other life-changing work at Development Centers.

It costs about $150 a week per child to attend this six-week summer camp program. Your support will help provide nutritious meals and snacks, educational field trips, art therapy, team-building and health and wellness activities.

The Summer Camp program is stating in less than 2 months so please make your gift today!

Up to $10,000 is matched!